The SEIU’s fast-food gamble

By Glenn Spencer, The Washington Examiner

Union membership has declined sharply over the last six decades, from nearly 35 percent of the workforce in the 1950s to just 11.3 percent in 2014. To reverse this trend, the nation’s largest union — the Service Employees International Union — has come up with an audacious new strategy, one that may provide a big payoff, but which also carries great financial risk. Unfortunately for the SEIU’s dues-paying members, that risk is compounding while success remains elusive.

California’s Worst Franchisor? The SEIU.

Labor Pains

The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) is currently directing its political lackeys in the California State Legislature to advance a bill that makes it harder for franchisors to change, revoke, or fail to renew contracts with their franchisees.

GOP tries to tie unions to protest funding

The News & Observer

The N.C. GOP has been trying to build a case that the Moral Monday protest movement is funded by big out-of-state unions. On Monday, it launched a website – — where it lays out its argument by posting federal financial disclosure documents.

The SEIU’s Odd Recipe for Unionizing Fast Food

By Josh Eidelson, Bloomberg Businessweek

The Service Employees International Union, one of the nation’s largest labor groups, is battling to organize America’s fast-food workers. Since 2012 the union has spent more than $25 million on a campaign that’s included backing lawsuits over alleged unpaid wages and racially motivated firings, promoting legislation to change the franchise system, and occasionally mounting attention-grabbing strikes.