Union Interests Work Against Low-Wage Workers

By Diana Furchtgott-Roth, economics21.org

A few days after the latest round of fast food demonstrations, when the Service Employees International Union tried to get workers all over the country to go out on strike to demand $15 an hour, a newly published National Bureau of Economic Research paper confirms what most of us already know: minimum wage increases harm the earnings and job mobility of low-skill workers.

LA Cannot Afford Budget Busting Labor Agreements

By Jack Humphreville, citywatchla.com

Los Angeles’ cupboard is bare as it is projecting a three year cumulative deficit of $425 million. But that is not stopping the campaign funding leadership of the Coalition of LA City Unions from using its political and financial clout to strong arm the City Council into approving a budget busting, multiyear labor agreement that will further aggravate our cash strapped City’s financial woes.

Collective bargaining reform

Las Vegas Review-Journal

Speaking of reforms, contract negotiations between Clark County and the SEIU continue to make the case for major changes in the state’s collective bargaining laws.