Gov. Jay Nixon Spurns Freedom-Loving Missourians

By Don Loos, National Right to Work Committee

Missouri came tantalizingly close last month to becoming America’s 26th Right to Work state. But after H.B.116, a measure prohibiting forced union dues and fees, was approved by lopsided state legislative majorities, it is about to fall prey to Big Labor Democrat Gov. Jay Nixon’s veto pen.

New York Fast Food Franchises May Sue Over $15 Minimum Wage Bill

By Joanna Fantozzi,

Yesterday, restaurant workers across the state celebrated the next step in the implementation of a $15 minimum wage for fast food employees. But not everyone is happy with the new minimum wage plan, which would give large franchises in New York City just three years to increase their employees’ salaries by $6.25.


Time to Enforce Texas Constitution’s Bar on Taxpayer Subsidies to Private Parties

Use of taxpayer funds should be reserved for purely public purposes, not the private benefit of an individual, corporation, or association. Yet, Texas public employee unions, which are officially private organizations, receive a direct subsidy from local governments in the form of release time, a practice that allows public employees to conduct union business during working hours without loss of pay.