Minimum logic

New York Post

Of all the ideas Gov. Cuomo proposed in his State of the State on Wednesday, one of the most dubious has been given the least attention: the governor’s pitch to hike the state’s minimum wage.

Cuomo Takes On the Teachers Unions

By Jason Riley, The Wall Street Journal

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s budget proposal, announced Wednesday, includes startlingly ambitious education reforms that would expand charter schools, improve teacher tenure rules and implement an education tax credit program to help low-income families attend private schools.

Report questions spending of federal job training dollars

By Jason Cato,

A nonprofit spent more than $1 million in federal money intended for job training in Beaver, Greene and Washington counties on questionable expenses, including salaries and a work vehicle for its then-president, according to the initial findings of a state investigation released Friday.

PA lawmakers revive efforts to close union stalking loophole

By Andrew Staub, PA Independent

A federal jury convicted a once prominent Philadelphia union official of arson, racketeering conspiracy and extortion this week, providing more fuel for lawmakers who want to close a loophole protecting individuals from prosecution of some crimes if they’re part of a labor dispute.