The NLRB Shows Union Favoritism

Unions have always had special privileges in America, but ever since 1973, when United States v. Enmons exempted them from compliance with the Hobbs Act, unions have received privileges that no one else could even dream of. U.S. v. Enmons held that violence for the cause of “legitimate” union objectives is not counted as extortion. That is an extraordinary privilege to say the least.


The Law Should Not Enable Union Violence

A general contractor is approached by a representative of a local union and told he “needed to hire a certain number of his guys.” When the contractor declines, union members proceed to destroy some of his equipment, including a forklift. The contractor doesn’t bother reporting the vandalism to police stating, “I didn’t think anything would happen.” Other employers, taking the threats seriously, hire the union members, who then perform little or no work.


Vermont Child Care Unionization Bill Is Back

In Vermont, home child care providers have rallied together to fend off unwanted legislation that would allow unions to organize providers in the 2012 and 2013 legislative sessions, despite union intimidation of Vermont elected officials and intense lobbying for the bill.