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Tossing Free Trinkets—Obama’s Mandatory Paid Leave Proposal

Standing high at the rostrum in the House of Representatives during his State of the Union speech, President Obama acts like he’s throwing free trinkets off a tall Mardi Gras parade float. The problem is that the shiny doubloons he throws are not free but rather surreptitiously billed to taxpayers. And so it is with the President’s proposal to mandate paid leave.


Union Exemptions from Criminal Law Must End

In 2012, a U.S. Chamber of Commerce report compiled a list of states that grant labor unions exemptions from criminal laws such as stalking, trespassing, and issuing threats. Unfortunately, in the subsequent years, the states in question have not been able to close the loopholes.

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Right to Work Is Good for Business and Workers

Research shows right-to-work states experience greater manufacturing growth compared to states without such laws. That is because many businesses consider RTW, which makes union dues payments voluntary, a business-friendly provision akin to low taxes and make the presence of the law a priority when planning on where to locate its work site.