WorkplaceChoice, a website maintained by the Competitive Enterprise Institute, is a comprehensive, up-to-date website for all news on labor regulations, private and Government sector unions, pensions, and pro-worker legislation.

The purpose of the website is to present researchers and reporters with easy access to the latest articles and studies on labor policy. Readers can also subscribe to the WorkplaceChoice Daily Digest or to the site’s RSS feed.

WorkplaceChoice is edited by CEI Senior Fellow Aloysius Hogan and Labor Policy Analyst Trey Kovacs. Leading experts on labor and worker issues regularly showcase their work on the site.

WorkplaceChoice houses a central repository for pro-worker legislation. Visitors will able to see the status of current legislation and learn about model legislation not yet introduced in congress.




Aloysius Hogan, Esq., an accomplished government affairs director from the front lines of the free-market movement, is Senior Fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute. Aloysius has orchestrated the enactment of numerous provisions of law across a wide spectrum of issues—and halted problematic others. Aloysius currently specializes in labor and employment policy for CEI’s Center for Economic Freedom.

In the U.S. Senate and House, Aloysius worked for Members from Alaska, Georgia, Nebraska, New York, Oklahoma, Virginia, and Michigan, serving as Chief of Staff, Legislative Director, Chief Counsel for a Senate committee, General Counsel, and in leadership’s Deputy Whip and campaign operations.

Hogan has written professionally for a legal textbook publisher, law firms, non-profit associations, political campaigns, and for a judicial clerkship, with his work appearing in numerous publications. He is a frequent guest on talk radio.

Previously, Hogan launched a lobbying shop at a world-top-100 law firm, dealing in labor and employment law. Over the course of three years immersed in labor and employment issues, he built a lobbying coalition that included over 80 associations, secured witness testimony for U.S. Senate hearings, drafted testimony, crafted issue briefs, passed a model resolution with the American Legislative Exchange Council, led an alliance initiative that reopened a federal agency comment period for Congressional comments, created a legislative scorecard for a non-profit, drafted regulatory comments to a state human relations commission which decided in the client’s favor, organized a fly-in for major association, briefed hundreds of Congressional staff, associations, corporations, and attorneys, and thwarted a major legislative threat to employers.

Hogan is a graduate of Notre Dame Law School and the University of Notre Dame, respectively—both top-20 institutions. He was named a Notre Dame Scholar and graduated with distinction from Notre Dame’s Honors Program.

Aloysius is hockey player, golf enthusiast, and home-improvement “weekend” warrior. He resides in Northern Virginia with his wife and three children.


Managing Editor

Trey Kovacs is a Labor Policy Analyst at CEI. He focuses on economic impacts of labor and finance policy. His research areas include public sector unions, labor policy reform, and employer rights. His writings have been featured in American Spectator, The Washington Times, and Capital Research Center’s Labor Watch. He is also a regular contributor to Openmarket.org.

Trey is the managing editor of WorkplaceChoice.org, CEI’s comprehensive labor news website. He updates the site with the latest labor news around the country, information about pro-worker legislation, the Congressional scorecard for labor policy voting records, and manages its social media.  Prior to joining CEI, Trey interned at the Republican National Committee. For more of his writing visit his bio at CEI.org.