Teachers pay price for leaving union

By Mary C. Tillotson, Watchdog.org

A California teachers who want to opt out of supporting the teachers union’s political lobbying is now without professional liability insurance or a contract vote, even though those provisions are part of collective bargaining.

Helping children, or helping themselves?

By Glenn Cook, Las Vegas Review-Journal
The SEIU says Southern Nevada’s most vulnerable children are in danger because Clark County doesn’t have enough social workers. This month, Department of Family Services workers represented by the union’s Local 1107 presented the County Commission with a petition demanding reduced caseloads to ensure children are safe.

L.A. City Council adopts plan to end feud over two DWP nonprofits

By Emily Alpert Reyes and Jack Dolan, Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles lawmakers Wednesday approved a plan meant to end a drawn-out legal and political battle over financial records at two Department of Water and Power-affiliated nonprofits, adopting a laundry list of conditions that would have to be met before additional ratepayer money is provided to the groups.