Union vote focuses on absent lawmakers

By David Lieb, The Daily Statesman

In legislative lingo, it’s called “taking a walk.” A lawmaker walks out of the chamber — sometimes to a nearby office, sometimes to get out of town — and avoids taking a vote on a politically sticky issue.

NLRB Concludes Meeting on Election Rules; Members Probe Time Needed for Campaigns

By Lawrence E. Dubé, Bloomberg BNA

The National Labor Relations Board April 11 concluded a two-day public meeting on proposed regulations for processing union election petitions and representation cases, as board members questioned claims by several speakers that accelerating secret ballot elections would impair employees’ ability to educate themselves about unionization and compromise employers’ ability to express themselves on the subject.

Seattle group files measure for $15 minimum wage

By Manuel Valdes, seattlepi.com

A group seeking a $15 an hour minimum wage filed paperwork Monday for a voter measure that would amend the Seattle charter, a move aiming to increase pressure on Mayor Ed Murray and the City Council to pass an increase without exemptions or delays.

What has UAW done for members?

By Brian Pannebecker, The Detroit News

Outgoing UAW President Bob King has proven recently just how out of touch he is — not only with auto workers in other parts of the country, but right here with the rank-and-file of his own union as well. King’s “southern strategy,” which has cost current UAW members tens-of-millions of dollars, has been a complete failure.