Count the votes at Gerawan

By Matt Patterson and Tal Cloud, The Fresno Bee

Silvia Lopez is a farmworker who has been disenfranchised. She is being forced to join — and pay tribute to — an organization against her will.

State Delays Collection of Union Fees

By Hugh McQuaid,

Plans to begin collecting representation fees for a recently-formed home health care workers union have been put on ice while state officials grapple with a Supreme Court ruling that may have made those fees illegal.

An Interstate Analysis of Right to Work Laws

By Richard Vedder and Jonathan Robe, Competitive Enterprise Institute

The compelling preponderance of evidence suggests there is a substantial, significant, and positive relationship between economic growth in a state and the presence of a right to work (RTW) law.

A healthy blow to labor overreach

By Ed Feulner, The Washington Times

The Service Employees International Union likes to present itself as the champion of the little guy. But officials of SEIU Healthcare — “the fastest-growing union of health care, child care, home care and nursing home workers in the Midwest” — aren’t averse to a little high living.