In right-to-work era, unions must add more value

The Detroit News

Union membership is declining. In fact, it’s at an all-time low nationwide. And numbers dropped significantly in Michigan last year — the first full year the state was right to work. Rather than just fight against these trends, unions should devote themselves to offering their members better services.

Senate Republicans ready for a fight on right to work bill

By Joel Ebert, Charleston Daily Mail

Republican leaders in the West Virginia state Senate are ready and willing to take on the opposition they expect to face from organized labor after introducing a bill that could dramatically affect the state’s unions because they believe it is time to take a different approach.

Right-to-Work About Freedom, Choice for All Workers

By James Wigderson, MacIver Institute

One of the more prominent complaints at the time Act 10 was passed was about the exclusion of local police and firefighter unions from its effects. Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett made it a regular criticism of Governor Scott Walker during the recall campaign, and his criticisms were echoed elsewhere.

Logan may join others in Right-to-Work

By Chris Cooper,

A great deal of states surrounding Kentucky, and now some of its counties, have felt it necessary to become part of the growing Right-to-Work initiative that is sweeping the south. Logan may soon join neighboring Warren, Todd and Simpson to become a handful of counties in the state to step up for economic growth.

Opting Out of Unions Gets Boost in States

By Mark Peters, The Wall Street Journal

A new wave of bills that would allow workers to opt out of joining unions is expected from Maine to New Mexico as Republicans look to capitalize on statehouse gains to put new limits on organized labor.