Repeal Davis-Bacon

By Senator Lamar Alexander, National Review Online

This month, I joined Senator Mike Lee of Utah in calling for repeal of a law governing federal construction projects that is giving unions the upper hand and costing taxpayers billions.

NLRB declares McDonald’s to be a ‘joint employer’

The National Labor Relations Board said Tuesday that the world’s biggest hamburger chain could be named as a joint employer in several complaints by worker groups at restaurants owned by franchisees. The decision is pivotal because it could expose McDonald’s Corp. to liability for a wide range of working conditions in those locations.

NLRA: Was employee’s profane tirade protected?

By Dinita L. James,

The owner and two managers of a Yuma used car lot, Plaza Auto Center (PAC), sat in a very small office with salesman Nick Aguirre, who had worked at PAC for only two months. The owner began the meeting by telling Aguirre that he was “talking a lot of negative stuff” and asking too many questions. Aguirre responded that he had questions about vehicle costs, commissions, and minimum wage.