A busy year at the National Labor Relations Board: NLRB General Counsel provides charge, petition, and litigation statistics for FY2014


At the March 4, 2015 session of the American Bar Association’s mid-winter meeting of the Committee on Development of the Law under the NLRA, National Labor Relations Board General Counsel Richard Griffin disclosed detailed statistics regarding his office’s handling of unfair labor practice charge, representation case, and litigation matters during the Board’s 2014 fiscal year:

Follow the Union Dues

By James Sherk, National Review Online

If the facts don’t fit the theory, change the facts,” Albert Einstein reportedly once quipped. This seems to be the union strategy against workplace-freedom rules, better known as “right to work.”

It’s an Ambush

By Bill McMorris, The Washington Free Beacon

House Republicans are moving to block President Obama’s top labor arbiter from implementing new union election rules that would give labor groups an advantage in unionization campaigns.

Right-to-work law about worker freedom

By State Senator Devin LeMahieu, htrnews.com

Last week the State Senate passed right-to-work legislation. Over the past few weeks I have heard from individuals across the district with their support or opposition to the proposal. After careful consideration, I decided to support right-to-work in Wisconsin.