“Worker Committees” a $15 Million SEIU Project

Labor Pains

We’ve covered the SEIU-led campaign to organize fast food restaurants without a secret ballot—a.k.a. by “card check”—since it began nearly two years ago. It’s a big push by one of America’s most aggressive labor organizations get two big “wins” for the union: A minimum-wage hike—which our research shows would benefit SEIU directly in addition to hurting non-unionized SEIU competitors—and a national card-check unionization of the fast food industry.

UAW Union Dues: A Royal Mess

By Tucker Nelson, Americans For Tax Reform

Bob King, President of the United Auto Workers union, said in a press conference on January 15th that the union plans to raise dues. He stated that his members will “overwhelmingly support a 25 percent dues hike.” The current dues are equivalent to 2 hours of a worker’s pay a month and the proposed increase would bring it to 2.5 hours.


By RiShawn Biddle, Dropout Nation

Dropout Nation is still perusing the American Federation of Teachers’ latest disclosure filing with the U.S. Department of Labor.

Public Sector Unions Must be Abolished

By Michael Bargo Jr., American Thinker

The recent battle over a Federal government shutdown adds more evidence to the argument that public sector unions must be abolished. Cities are reeling under unsustainable pensions paid to government workers who are not working.