IRS Plays Favorites

The Daily Caller News Foundation has found an email from Lois Lerner which contrasts her apathy towards misreported political spending by labor unions with her intense scrutiny of conservative groups. The finding not only shows how the bureaucracy plays favorites, but how labor unions get special treatment from the government.

A little-known fact about union dues

By Chris Woodward, One News Now

James Sherk, senior policy analyst in labor economics for The Heritage Foundation, says one thing many workers and even union members do not know is just how “left-wing” most major unions are on social issues.


Sketchy Super PACs

The labor battle in Missouri is becoming supersized because of union super PACs. Unions can support politicians (just Democrats, of course) and policies through super PACs, which would be largely funded by dues money. Unions have plenty of cash to throw toward political interests, but now union leaders have promised to focus on “electing Democratic state legislators” in Republican states.