Is the UAW serving workers?

By Terry Bowman, The Detroit News

In September, the UAW four-year contract once again comes up for renewal. While many of the normal contract issues will be on the table, the negotiations this year will be the most unusual — and critically important — that the union has ever had to face.

The argument that most workers are better off without unions

By James Sherk, The Washington Post

Does the ability to buy Toyotas hurt middle-class Americans? That is essentially the argument made by those who say falling union membership has harmed the middle class. But it holds little water. The decline of unions has hurt unions — while benefiting most other Americans.

Haslam, UAW spar over union impact

By Mike Pare and Dave Flessner,

Gov. Bill Haslam said Tuesday he still worries that expansion of labor unions in Tennessee such as the United Auto Workers will hurt economic development, but the UAW termed the charge “saber-rattling” and “just not true.”