$157,196,468 Spent on Union Salaries in FY 2012

By Ralph Smith, FedSmith.com

“Official time” is the term of art used in the federal government’s labor relations program to describe the time spent by union representatives working on behalf of the union but still being paid their regular employee salary and benefits.


60 House Republicans Vote in Favor of Union Subsidy

In light of the Department of Veterans Affairs and Internal Revenue Service scandals, many Republican congressmen have come out against the practice known as union official time, which releases federal employees from their regularly assigned duties to conduct union business.

69% of Survey Respondents Say Official Time Reduces Efficiency or Wastes Government Resources

By Ralph Smith, FedSmith.com

“Official time” is the term used to refer to the federal government’s policy of providing full salary and benefits for a federal employee while representing a union rather than doing the work for which the employee was hired. This policy has been in the news recently, often portraying the practice of paying “official time” in a negative way.