Is State’s Prevailing Wage Law at Risk of Being Tossed?

By Jack Spencer, Michigan Capitol Confidential

The deck could soon be stacked in favor of repealing Michigan’s prevailing wage law. On Tuesday, the Board of State Canvassers approved language for a citizen initiative to repeal the law, which the Anderson Economic Group says costs taxpayers more than $224 million annually.

Union Misstatements

Michigan Capitol Confidential

The head of the largest teachers’ union in the state has a history of making factually incorrect statements in his periodic column that runs in the Detroit News.

When Unions Bark but Don’t Bite

By Vincent Vernuccio, National Review Online

Such was the expected story when Governor Rick Snyder signed Michigan’s worker-freedom law in December 2012. After machinations including violent protests outside the capitol and “there will be blood” rhetoric by Democratic state representative Douglas Geiss, most observers expected a major push in 2014 to repeal the law and punish the politicians who enacted it.

Unions’ time to reinvent

By Mary Kramer, Crain’s Detroit Business

This is the time of year for State of the State, State of the City, State of the Union. How about “the state of organized labor”?