How San Jose Took on the Unions and Saved Millions Through Pension Reform

By Alexis Garcia, Reason

“If a government can’t provide the core basic services, it’s failed in it’s mission,” says Pete Constant, a former member of the San Jose City Council who advocated for sweeping pension reform. “Our city had been in many years of budget deficits and there were many more coming in the future. And I just thought the financial decisions had been terribly made.”


By RiShawn Biddle,

There are a few reasons why affiliates of the National Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers continue to cling on to declining influence over education policymaking.

Government Unions Against the Public

By Romina Boccia, Real Clear Policy

It’s a special-interest group that exercises disproportionate influence over public policy at all levels of government. Government bestows special favors on it, thereby perpetuating and strengthening its political power. It’s classic cronyism — and you are paying for it.

Will the teachers unions ever learn?

By Armstrong Williams, The Washington Times

In November the frustrations of Maryland’s voters with their state’s failed Democrat leadership finally boiled over and provided Larry Hogan an upset victory over the Democrats’ chosen candidate, Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown.