Helping children, or helping themselves?

By Glenn Cook, Las Vegas Review-Journal
The SEIU says Southern Nevada’s most vulnerable children are in danger because Clark County doesn’t have enough social workers. This month, Department of Family Services workers represented by the union’s Local 1107 presented the County Commission with a petition demanding reduced caseloads to ensure children are safe.

Police Unions Blast Mayor in Chokehold Case

By Pervaiz Shallwani, Mara Gay and Sean Gardiner, The Wall Street Journal

City police unions launched an offensive against Mayor Bill de Blasio and his administration Tuesday, sharply criticizing the response to a man’s death after an apparent police chokehold and calling the medical examiner’s findings political.

NLRB Ruling Won’t Deter Franchising By US Restaurants

Fort Mills Times

A National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) ruling adds to mounting labor issues for the restaurant industry but is unlikely to deter the continued shift toward franchising in the US restaurant industry, according to Fitch Ratings. We believe the development will not have a direct impact on the credit quality of franchisors.

Are Police Union Tactics Ethical?

By George Block, San Antonio Express-News

My question is only about ethics, not legality. Sadly, we all know that what is legal is not always ethical. What the police union is doing is completely legal. Is it completely ethical?