The Union That Won’t Take No for an Answer

By Mark Mix, National Review Online

In 1908, following his third unsuccessful bid for the presidency, William Jennings Bryan told the story of a Texas drunk who tries to get into a bar. The first time the drunk comes through the door, he is quickly escorted out. The second time, he’s roughly hustled away. The third time, he’s tossed out onto the street. Before he finally goes on his way, he remarks, “I guess they don’t want me in there.”

New Rule Empowers Union ‘Ambush Elections’

By Trey Kovacs, Investor’s Business Daily

Americans usually associate mid-April with tax filing — a trying yet predictable annual ritual. This year, however, it will mean a change in America’s workplaces that will threaten workers’ freedom of association and privacy, while hampering employers’ abilities to respond to union organizing campaigns.