Volkswagen’s Sort-of Union in Tennessee

By Josh Eidelson, Bloomberg Business

A year ago in Chattanooga, the United Auto Workers suffered a surprise setback. A vote at Volkswagen, the union’s high-stakes stab at securing a rare foothold among foreign automakers in the South, ended in embarrassing defeat. Yet in January, VW and the UAW started holding thrice-monthly sit-downs anyway.


By Elizabeth J. Fabrizio, Bloomberg BNA

In ruling that it would assert jurisdiction over a petitioned-for bargaining unit of adjunct faculty at Pacific Lutheran University, the National Labor Relations Board adapted its analytical framework to take into account new administrative and economic realities facing employees of private universities.

Higher Education Alert: NLRB Trend in Easing Unionization Continues with Recent Decision

The National Law Review

The National Labor Relations Board issued a 3-2 decision last month in Pacific Lutheran University, 361 NLRB No. 157, in which it significantly modified the standards for determining: (1) whether college or university faculty members are managerial employees and thus not protected by the National Labor Relations Act; and (2) when the Board should decline to exercise jurisdiction over a college or university that claims to be a religious institution.