Gov. Jay Nixon Spurns Freedom-Loving Missourians

By Don Loos, National Right to Work Committee

Missouri came tantalizingly close last month to becoming America’s 26th Right to Work state. But after H.B.116, a measure prohibiting forced union dues and fees, was approved by lopsided state legislative majorities, it is about to fall prey to Big Labor Democrat Gov. Jay Nixon’s veto pen.

After 80 Years, Labor Law Needs Reform

Senator Patty Murray (D-Wash.) recently penned an op-ed that celebrates the 80th anniversary of the National Labor Relations Act and praises the work of the National Labor Relations Board, which is charged with enforcing the Act. In same piece, she sharply criticizes attempts to reform the Act and Board.

Mackinac Center Reveals Interactive Webpage Detailing Labor Reforms and Political Outcomes

Mackinac Center for Public Policy

Beginning in 2011, the timeline traces the labor reforms enacted in Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, Indiana and Missouri, and the outcomes of the elections that followed. Lawmakers often fear that support for labor reforms will cost them future elections, but the timeline shows the lawmakers and parties who enacted reforms largely retained public support.