Union vote focuses on absent lawmakers

By David Lieb, The Daily Statesman

In legislative lingo, it’s called “taking a walk.” A lawmaker walks out of the chamber — sometimes to a nearby office, sometimes to get out of town — and avoids taking a vote on a politically sticky issue.

What has UAW done for members?

By Brian Pannebecker, The Detroit News

Outgoing UAW President Bob King has proven recently just how out of touch he is — not only with auto workers in other parts of the country, but right here with the rank-and-file of his own union as well. King’s “southern strategy,” which has cost current UAW members tens-of-millions of dollars, has been a complete failure.

Right-to-Work States See Larger Gains

By James Hohman, Mackinac Center for Public Policy

The 2013 state personal income data was released today and it has some good news for Michigan. The state had the 9th best performance among the states from 2012 to 2013. While it’s unclear how much of a role the passage of the right-to-work law had in the performance, it is worth a look at the trends between the two groups of states.

UAW bosses’ use of dues money causes concern

By Brian Pannebecker, sourcenewspapers.com

Michigan is the birthplace of the United Auto Workers union which once boasted over 1.5 million members, but now has fewer than 400,000 and finds itself at a crossroads. The road it takes going forward may determine its future as well as that of the remaining UAW-represented jobs.

GOP to push ‘right to work’

Columbia Daily Tribune

Missouri House Republican leaders are vowing to consider one of their top priorities, legislation known to supporters as “right to work,” when lawmakers return from their weeklong break.

LePage: Use big incentives to attract jobs to Maine

By Eric Russell, Morning Sentinel

Gov. Paul LePage outlined legislation Monday to create “Open for Business Zones,” which he says would attract major employers by providing generous tax incentives and exempting them from collective bargaining requirements – a proposal that already is drawing criticism from labor unions.

Not Paying Union Dues, in Michigan

By Jillian Kay Melchior, National Review Online

Two Michigan teachers will finally be allowed to end their union membership in the Michigan Education Association and will be refunded any dues they paid during this school year, according to a settlement agreement signed this week.