Make right to work part of the ’15 legislative agenda

Albuquerque Journal Editorial Board

The issue of finally converting New Mexico to a “right-to-work” state should not be posed as a Republican vs. Democrat, employer vs. union measure when the Legislature convenes in January. Because at its core it is much more important than the rhetoric in a political echo chamber.

Legislator to introduce right-to-work legislation

By Todd Richmond, Associated Press

A Republican lawmaker promised Tuesday to introduce a right-to-work bill, prompting warnings from a Democratic leader that the state could see a round of protests reminiscent of the massive demonstrations against Gov. Scott Walker’s law stripping public workers of their union rights.

GOP Strategy Against NLRB in 114th Remains Hazy

By Carolyn Phenicie, Roll Call

The new Republican-controlled Congress is expected to take a pro-business approach to labor issues, including trying rein in what GOP leaders consider an activist National Labor Relations Board and perhaps blocking some of its decisions.

GOP, Obama Could Team Up on Whistleblower Protections

By Ben Dipietro, The Wall Street Journal

The combination of a Republican Party-controlled Congress and a president looking to make his mark in the area of employment law could result in new laws to increase protections for whistleblowers and to extend those rights to even more workers, two attorneys said.