For once, Calif. GOP out-hustles unions

By Steven Greenhut,

Some political analysts have warned California Republicans not to read too much into last Tuesday’s decisive victory in the San Diego mayoral race by GOP councilman Kevin Faulconer over Democratic councilman David Alvarez.

Beware unprincipled ‘Main Street’ Republicans

By Michelle Malkin, Columbia Daily Tribune

What do George Soros, labor unions and money-grubbing former GOP Rep. Steven LaTourette all have in common? They’re control freaks. They’re power hounds. They’re united against tea party conservatives. And they all have operated under the umbrella of D.C. groups masquerading as “Main Street” Republicans.

‘Right to work’ debated for Delaware

By Jonathan Starkey, The News Journal

Republicans in the General Assembly are targeting Delaware’s labor unions with a new proposal to create right-to-work zones in Delaware, setting aside areas within the state where workers could decide for themselves whether to join or financially support a union.

A Policy Agenda for Union Reformers Stuck Inside Unions

By Ed Ring,

Well that’s one way. And if you are tasked with reviving a political party that is financially challenged, ideologically conflicted, with dwindling membership and almost no power in the state legislature, you face tough choices.

Party for sale? California’s Republicans bailed out by unions

By Shirley Husar, The Washington Times

California’s unions have positioned themselves for a perpetual power grab against the political parties. To this end, they are attempting to achieve a stranglehold on political contributions, making their money the most important money that either party can receive.