Obama and Labor: A Complicated Relationship

By Byron Tau, The Wall Street Journal

President Barack Obama has proposed this week a new set of overtime rules boosting the pay of millions of workers—a rare victory for organized labor from an administration that it has criticized for largely only paying lip service to top union priorities.

Do Unions Represent The American Worker?

By Lloyd Billingsley, The Daily Caller

Democrats are divided over President Obama’s new Trans-Pacific trade deal, but AFL-CIO boss Richard Trumka doesn’t like it at all. “This agreement is not worthy of the American people and the American worker,” Trumka recently told Gwen Ifill of the PBS NewsHour. For their part, the American people and the American worker might question Mr. Trumka’s presumption to speak for them.

Stop grovelling to civil servants

By Windsor Mann, USA Today

Government employees are suffering from low self-esteem and high self-regard. That was the unintended message of Public Service Recognition Week (May 3-9), which lasted six days longer than Memorial Day. This year’s theme, “Government Works,” was both true (the federal government employs more than two million civilians) and truly risible. It is one thing to have a job, quite another to get the job done.


By Steve Early, Beyond Chron

Before President Obama gave up on labor law reform in 2010, the national AFL-CIO and major unions spent several years and many millions of dollars promoting “employee free choice.” Long-overdue statutory reform, based on this concept, would have allowed workers to unionize quickly without as much management interference in their decision to embrace or reject collective bargaining.