Obama Likely to Veto Resolution to Overturn NLRB Rule

By Melanie Trottman and Kristina Peterson, The Wall Street Journal

The House this week is expected to pass a GOP-led resolution to overturn a National Labor Relations Board rule that would streamline union-organizing elections, setting up what is likely to be the fourth veto by President Barack Obama since he took office.

Minimal understanding of the minimum wage

By Richard Berman, The Washington Times

In an interview with BuzzFeed last week, President Obama invoked the CEO pay gap — the disparity between top executives and employee staff compensation — to publicly shame companies like Staples for appearing to circumvent the Affordable Care Act’s 30-hour workweek mandate.

Are private unions cooling toward Democrats?

By Shannon Bream, Fox News

President Obama has long been a friend of organized labor, wholeheartedly supported by unions that helped boost him to victory in both his presidential campaigns.But increasingly, there now is a divide between unions in the public and private sector when it comes to supporting him.

Obama and Employers

By James Freeman, The Wall Street Journal

This week the President appeared on the website Buzzfeed and attacked office-supply chain Staples Inc. for spending less on health care than Mr. Obama would prefer. If only he had spent that time encouraging companies like Staples to create more of the jobs that Americans need.

Wage-and-hour lawsuits cause headaches

By Judy Greenwald, Business Insurance

Wage-and-hour litigation is a bit like playing whack-a-mole. There are so many issues involved — workers misclassified as exempt from overtime, and questions of whether they are salaried or independent contractors and if they should be paid for the time it takes them to put on their work clothes, to name just a few — that employers’ bewilderment about how to comply is understandable.