Labor board overreach

By Richard Berman, The Wall Street Journal

Last month, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), stacked with Democratic appointees loyal to Big Labor, enacted new procedures to govern unionization elections.


Defund the Partisan NLRB

One of the primary objectives of the National Labor Relations Act is to remedy the perceived “inequality of bargaining power” between employees and employers. However, the National Labor Relations Board, which enforces the NLRA, has tilted the playing field too far in favor of labor unions by bestowing upon them greater bargaining power than employees or employers.

Comrades in arms

By Sean Higgins, The Washington Examiner

Executives from major retail and restaurant chains were two hours into a Chamber of Commerce conference on federal labor and employment policy when Tom Donohue, the organization’s president and chief executive officer, strolled in.

NLRB Finds Union Improperly Interfered with Decertification Election

The National Law Review

A union “interfere(d) with employee free choice” during the run-up to an NLRB election to decertify the union by seeking the discharge of the decertification Petitioner for alleged non-payment of dues and fees to the union, the National Labor Relations Board has held in an unpublished opinion. Bio-Medical Applications of New Jersey, Inc., Case 22-RD-114233 (Apr. 29, 2015).

GOP Senators Ambush NLRB

By Bill McMorris, The Washington Free Beacon

Senate Republicans grilled the nation’s top labor regulators for undermining long-standing labor laws to benefit unions on Thursday.