Lawsuit Against McDonald’s To Test NLRB Decision on Franchisee Relationship

By Annie Gasparro and Melanie Trottman, The Wall Street Journal

Ten former restaurant workers sued McDonald’s Corp. along with one of its franchisees for alleged wrongful termination, in a move that tests the legal implications of a recent decision by the National Labor Relations Board’s general counsel to hold the fast-food giant accountable for franchisees’ actions.

Conservative mandate puts focus on NLRB abuses

By Nathan Mehrens, The Washington Examiner

In the wake of the 2014 midterm congressional elections, conservative organizations have released a mandate document analyzing areas where voters showed, through their selection of representatives, what issues should receive congressional attention.

Year in Review: NLRB Edition

JD Supra

With the new year upon us, we have rounded up some of the most important NLRB decisions of 2014. By all accounts, the NLRB was as active as ever in 2014. Its decisions and rulemaking will preoccupy HR and LR professionals in union and non-union environments alike during 2015, and beyond.