The NLRB Shows Union Favoritism

Unions have always had special privileges in America, but ever since 1973, when United States v. Enmons exempted them from compliance with the Hobbs Act, unions have received privileges that no one else could even dream of. U.S. v. Enmons held that violence for the cause of “legitimate” union objectives is not counted as extortion. That is an extraordinary privilege to say the least.

How the UAW Lost Tennessee

By Trey Kovacs, Competitive Enterprise Institute

Foreign automakers located in the South, known in the industry as transplants, have long been a target of the United Auto Workers (UAW) union’s organizing strategy.

Subverting Majority Rule

By Bill McMorris, The Washington Free Beacon

A former member of President Barack Obama’s National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) warned policymakers Wednesday that unions and Obama’s labor appointees could undermine the principles of worker choice by transforming U.S. labor law.

NLRB Concludes Meeting on Election Rules; Members Probe Time Needed for Campaigns

By Lawrence E. Dubé, Bloomberg BNA

The National Labor Relations Board April 11 concluded a two-day public meeting on proposed regulations for processing union election petitions and representation cases, as board members questioned claims by several speakers that accelerating secret ballot elections would impair employees’ ability to educate themselves about unionization and compromise employers’ ability to express themselves on the subject.

Policy Divides Over Union Elections on Display at NLRB

By Melanie Trottman, The Wall Street Journal

Political and workplace divides over labor policy were on display at the National Labor Relations Board’s Washington headquarters this week, where the board held a hearing to examine its proposal to streamline and speed union-organizing elections in the private sector.