Car Dealer Violated NLRA by Scrapping Mechanics Union

By Kevin McGowan, Bloomberg BNA

An Illinois car dealer violated the National Labor Relations Act by failing to engage in effects bargaining and withdrawing recognition of a union representing six mechanics when it closed the dealership where the mechanics worked and moved them to a nonunion facility, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit ruled Aug. 4.

NLRB Backs Up Dishonest Employee

By Marlisse Silver Sweeney, Corporate Counsel

Good news, Pinocchio: the National Labor Relations Board has sanctioned lying, at least in certain circumstances. According to John Hauge of Felhaber Larson, a recent NLRB decision demonstrates that sometimes workplace dishonesty is OK.

Court Upholds NLRB Union-Organizing Rule

By Melanie Trottman, The Wall Street Journal

A federal-district court has upheld a National Labor Relations Board rule that is expected to speed union-organizing elections, a blow to several business trade groups that sued to block it.

Workplace Democracy Gets Ambushed

By Peter Schaumber, The Wall Street Journal

You may have heard of the National Labor Relations Board’s new “ambush election” rule—so-called because it hurriedly schedules union elections within as little as two weeks, depriving employers of the time needed to learn about the union and express their views to employees.

After 80 Years, Labor Law Needs Reform

Senator Patty Murray (D-Wash.) recently penned an op-ed that celebrates the 80th anniversary of the National Labor Relations Act and praises the work of the National Labor Relations Board, which is charged with enforcing the Act. In same piece, she sharply criticizes attempts to reform the Act and Board.