LA Cannot Afford Budget Busting Labor Agreements

By Jack Humphreville,

Los Angeles’ cupboard is bare as it is projecting a three year cumulative deficit of $425 million. But that is not stopping the campaign funding leadership of the Coalition of LA City Unions from using its political and financial clout to strong arm the City Council into approving a budget busting, multiyear labor agreement that will further aggravate our cash strapped City’s financial woes.

Open the school board meetings

By Erika Stutzman,

Proposition 104 would change the Colorado statutes to make school board meetings, and meetings between district representatives and teachers’ unions, open to the public if collective bargaining is to be discussed.

Top 10 facts on labor policy in Illinois

Illinois Policy Institute

Unions are often presented as the plucky defenders of the working man or woman, whose only interest is seeing that workers get a fair shake on the job. But in reality, unions are well financed and powerful.

NLRB Overrules Board Precedent And Institutes New Remedy In Successorship Cases

On September 30, 2014, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB or the Board) in Pressroom Cleaners, Inc. overturned Board precedent regarding the appropriate remedy in successorship cases, holding that a successor employer must reinstate all terms and conditions of the previous employer until it reaches an agreement or impasse with the union – even if it can be shown that the successor never would have agreed to those terms if it had negotiated lawfully at the time of the takeover.