By RiShawn Biddle,

This morning’s move by the American Federation of Teachers (with help from the National Education Association’s Golden State affiliate) to launch a digital ad campaign aimed at beating back surging support for Marshall Tuck in his bid to become California Superintendent is another sign of how the nation’s second-largest teachers’ union deploys cash to oppose systemic reform.

Government credit card spending spree

By Brooks Jarosz,

A cup of coffee from Starbucks is about $3.00. But a government report shows the U.S. Coast Guard racked up a $12,000 bill at one Starbucks store in California. And that’s only the beginning of pricey purchases costing you.

Oakland: Unions spend freely in council races

By Matthew Artz, Contra Costa Times

Campaign finance reports filed this past week show that the Alameda County Central Labor Council and SEIU Local 1021 have teamed up to spend more than $35,000 apiece on behalf of Annie Campbell Washington in District 4 and Abel Guillen in District 2.

A push for pension reform, thanks to the courts

The Washington Post

HERE ARE the facts of life about the American public sector: Citizens depend on local government for vital services, from education to parks; the quantity and quality of those services depend directly on how many tax dollars are available to pay for them; and insofar as those resources are already committed to pensions and other forms of deferred compensation for public employees, they can’t be used to maintain and enhance services in the here and now.