Court sides with grower, against union

Orange County Register

The United Farm Workers union is still smarting over the backhand it received a fortnight ago from a three-judge panel of the state 5th District Court of Appeal in Fresno, which ruled a lower court erred when it allowed a state-appointed mediator to impose a collective bargaining agreement on a grower at odds with the UFW.


By Chriss W. Street,

U.S. public sector unions are politically powerful because they collect and spend at least $4.0 billion in dues each year. But California unions are overwhelmingly powerful because although the state has just 11 percent of the nation’s population, California’s public sector unions collect and spend $1 billion, or 25 percent of all U.S. public sector union dues each year.

Farm-labor case appears headed to Supreme Court

By Dave Kranz,

A sweeping state appellate court decision, ruling part of the California Agricultural Labor Relations Act unconstitutional, sets the stage for an eventual state Supreme Court decision on the act’s mandatory mediation and conciliation provisions.