What has UAW done for members?

By Brian Pannebecker, The Detroit News

Outgoing UAW President Bob King has proven recently just how out of touch he is — not only with auto workers in other parts of the country, but right here with the rank-and-file of his own union as well. King’s “southern strategy,” which has cost current UAW members tens-of-millions of dollars, has been a complete failure.

UAW at a crossroads

By Bryce Hoffman, The Detroit News

United Auto Workers President Bob King is trying to put a brave face on his union’s defeat at the ballot box in Tennessee last month, but Volkswagen AG workers’ rejection of the UAW raises some extremely tough questions for the union and its leader.

UAW Cites “Interference,” Appeals Volkswagen Vote

In an example of the pot calling the kettle black, the United Auto Workers union has filed an appeal with the National Labor Relations Board asking for a re-vote, citing political “interference” in the union’s narrow defeat in the Chattanooga, Tennessee, Volkswagen union election.

UAW Loses Volkswagen Election

A little over two years ago, soon-to-be former United Auto Workers President Bob King said that “organizing foreign auto plants is a matter of life and death of the union.”

Dear UAW: An open letter to Bob King

By Matt Patterson, The Daily Caller

Hello Mr. King. My name is Matt. You don’t know me, but I feel we are connected. You see, I am one of the taxpayers whose money was used to bail out the auto industry in 2009.

UAW Union Dues: A Royal Mess

By Tucker Nelson, Americans For Tax Reform

Bob King, President of the United Auto Workers union, said in a press conference on January 15th that the union plans to raise dues. He stated that his members will “overwhelmingly support a 25 percent dues hike.” The current dues are equivalent to 2 hours of a worker’s pay a month and the proposed increase would bring it to 2.5 hours.