Where Have All Our Wages Gone?

By Megan McArdle, Bloomberg View

Many theories have been advanced for why unions, and median wages, aren’t growing very fast. Some say there’s a causal link, which runs something like this: The Reagan administration gutted union protections, making it harder to organize workers. Without a powerful union to represent them, workers were at the mercy of greedy bosses who ruthlessly forced down their wage packets.

Stay Classy, Big Labor

Center for Union Facts

It’s been a rough week for union bosses and their political patrons: On Monday, Wisconsin enacted a right-to-work law that forbids the conditioning of employment on the payment of union dues or fees, meaning that half of the states now forbid the so-called “agency shop.”

Could Automation Be Labor Unions’ Death Knell?

By Greg Jones, Reason

There’s a new addition to the ever-growing list of things we’re supposed to fear. On top of ISIS, Ebola, and a Yellowstone super volcano, tack on automation. The wholesale replacement of large portions of America’s workforce with robotic machinery is creating Chicken Little-like headlines.