By Elizabeth J. Fabrizio, Bloomberg BNA

Some fast food workers have been protesting wages that they say are too low only to be told by their bosses that they are violating a company rule against talking about their wages. This happened recently to some employees of a Chipotle restaurant in Missouri.

A busy year at the National Labor Relations Board: NLRB General Counsel provides charge, petition, and litigation statistics for FY2014

At the March 4, 2015 session of the American Bar Association’s mid-winter meeting of the Committee on Development of the Law under the NLRA, National Labor Relations Board General Counsel Richard Griffin disclosed detailed statistics regarding his office’s handling of unfair labor practice charge, representation case, and litigation matters during the Board’s 2014 fiscal year:

Examiner: PLRB has no jurisdiction in unions’ complaint

By Jane M. Von Bergen,

Union carpenters and Teamsters angling to regain their jobs at the Convention Center had their hopes thwarted Monday when a hearing examiner for the Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board said the board did not have jurisdiction to handle a complaint filed by the two unions.

International Paper Company and Steelworker Union Face Federal Charges for Violating Local Mill Worker’s Rights

National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation

Clanton resident James Smith filed the unfair labor practice charges with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) against the United Steelworkers of America (USW) Local 1458 union and International Paper Co. for ignoring his right to refrain from paying union dues. Under Alabama’s popular Right to Work law, no worker can be required to join or pay fees to a union as a condition of employment.