Senate Republicans ready for a fight on right to work bill

By Joel Ebert, Charleston Daily Mail

Republican leaders in the West Virginia state Senate are ready and willing to take on the opposition they expect to face from organized labor after introducing a bill that could dramatically affect the state’s unions because they believe it is time to take a different approach.

Teachers Take Union Dues to Supreme Court

By Allie Bidwell, US News & World Report

A group of public schoolteachers on Monday petitioned the Supreme Court to hear a challenge to laws allowing teachers unions to require dues from nonmembers who disagree with union positions and policies.

Unions Charge Higher Dues and Pay Their Officers Larger Salaries in Non–Right-to-Work States

By James Sherk, The Heritage Foundation

In the absence of competition, businesses charge their customers higher prices and care less about controlling costs. Labor unions do the same. Half of U.S. states allow unions to force workers to pay dues as a condition of employment. In these states unions charge 10 percent higher dues and pay their top officers $20,000 more a year. The remaining states have right-to-work laws that make union dues voluntary. These laws prevent unions from exploiting their monopoly and reduce the cost of union representation for workers.