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by Don Loos on October 14, 2011

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While in Toledo, Ohio, Teamster Union President James Hoffa exposed the “Right To Work Conspiracy” to his compulsory-dues-paying audience. BigGovernment.com argues that a desire work free from compulsion is not a conspiracy:

The simple proposition that no one should be forced to pay tributes to labor bosses or they will lose their job, is not a conspiracy. It is freedom from tyranny. Using forced dues to finance politicians who vote to force citizens against their will to pay union bosses in order to keep their own jobs, is a conspiracy.

The fact is, until 1935, the United States Government did not force people to pay tributes to union bosses in order to get or keep a job. If there was a conspiracy, it was between the AFL, CIO, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and a Democrat Congress passed the Wagner Act, selling the concept as “workers rights.” The Wagner Act foisted union servitude on millions of working Americans overnight. We see the AFL-CIO, the president, and Congress attempting the same scam today.

The only workers who can escape from Wagner Act compulsion work in the 22-states which chose a Right to Work law to protect their citizens from this tyranny. This Wagner Act forced-dues tyranny can be clearly blamed on Big Labor Bosses.

Then-A.F.L. president William Green boasted of Big Labor’s role in the Wagner Act in Liberty Magazine: “We helped write it. We thought of it as ‘Our Baby’.” And at a union convention Green said, “The A.F.L. is wholly and fully responsible for the Wagner Labor Relations Act.”

Mr. Hoffa, freedom is no conspiracy. Freedom is an ideal that both men and women aspire to obtain.

The real conspiracy occurred in 1935, and it continues today as Big Labor bosses spend billions in forced-dues filled treasuries on stopping worker freedom and promoting legislation, executive orders, and regulations that expand worker compulsion.

It is time to end Big Labor’s conspiracy against worker freedom and pass a National Right To Work Act that gives workers choices rather than compulsion. Then, Mr. Hoffa and his kind will have to earn and justify any dues that they receive.

, CBS affiliate in Toledo, Ohio:

National Teamsters President Jim Hoffa called Issue 2 a war on workers in his visit to Toledo Wednesday.

Reps from a half dozen unions rallied at the Teamsters Hall –

“Do you know there’s a war? You know there’s a war because they declared war on us,” Hoffa said.

Hoffa says his 250,000 members across the country and thousands in Ohio are under attack.

“They introduced Right to Work in 14 different states simultaneously. Do you get the conspiracy?” Hoffa asked.

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