UAW switches strategy, won’t single out foreign automaker for union organization

by News on December 7, 2011

in State and Local, Union Politics and Transparency

By Brent Snavely/Detroit Free Press

The UAW decided today not to pick a so-called “target” foreign automaker to organize – a significant change in its strategy for growing its membership.

UAW President Bob King had set a goal to organize at least one foreign automaker’s U.S. workers this year, but said today that the goal has changed.

“We are shifting our strategy a little bit. We are not going to pick or announce a target at all,” King said in an interview.

Still, the UAW is not backing away from its overall desire to organize non-unionized workers. Instead, the union will continue talking with all companies with U.S. operations, hoping its recent success in creating jobs via collective bargaining with the Detroit Three shows it can work with automakers while preserving their ability to compete.

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