DNC may have to respect N.C. right to work for convention

by News on November 30, 2011

in Compulsory Unionism, State and Local, Union Contracting Privileges

By Jazz Shaw/HotAir.com

When the DNC announced that it would be bringing it’s convention to North Carolina, the locals were understandably enthusiastic. While it’s really only a temporary sugar rush for the economy, any event of that size represents a valuable injection of cash and jobs into the local economy. But as the plans moved forward, the conversation began to turn to the question of what sort of jobs would be created? Who would get the lucrative contracts associated with the convention?

As the Charlotte Observer reports, local legislators became concerned over whether Tar Heel State workers would have the first crack at these opportunities and – more to the point – if the state’s right to work status would be respected.

North Carolina lawmakers approved a nonbinding resolution Tuesday asking the Democratic National Convention to change its rules and “respect North Carolina’s right-to-work laws.”


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