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by News on November 28, 2011

in Compulsory Unionism, State and Local, State Legislation, Union Politics and Transparency

At a press conference this morning, a group of home-based childcare providers announced the filing of a lawsuit to block a vote to unionize their business. They contend that the vote ordered by the governor is unfair and unlawful. They also expressed doubts about the governor’s assurances that union membership would be voluntary.

Childcare provider Becky Swanson spoke for the plaintiffs. “Despite the talking points from the governor and union organizers, unionization will affect all childcare providers, but only a select group of providers is being allowed to vote. Since Minnesota is a ‘fair share’ state, non-members can still be required to pay a portion of union dues, which has been the case in several other states that unionized childcare,” she explained.

Two major labor unions, SEIU and AFSCME have been pushing to unionize home-based childcare providers in Minnesota for several years and many providers have cried foul about their tactics.

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