Big Labor’s Scorched Earth Campaign in Ohio

by David Bego on November 11, 2011

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This week’s defeat of Ohio Senate Bill 5 is just a preview of what can be expected during the 2012 elections as the Ohio Voters Rejected Public-Union Limits.

Big labor, realizing that it had to protect its public unions, showed its solidarity, as it spent almost $30 Million dollars, and filled the streets with foot soldiers to ensure Senate Bill 5 was defeated (see Public Unions: Last Hope for Big Labor at America’s Expense!, Off-year Ohio election posts highest turnout in 20 yearsand Unions Target New Ohio Law). In a foreshadowing of the 2012 elections, the Gasping Dinosaurs showed they are not going down quietly! Conversely, it was evident that Governor Kasich and other Ohio republicans were not prepared and did not understand the labor machine or their corporate campaign playbook, and subsequently were steamrolled by these tactics (as described inCorporate Campaigns: Vehicle to Forced Unionism and Political Payback). Obviously, they did not learn from Wisconsin, where massive changes to collective bargaining laws were successful and, as a result, the state is now headed towards a balanced budget (as seen in A Win in Wisconsin! Next, the Rest of the Country). The difference in these two situations was that Wisconsin’s Governor had a plan and was prepared for Big Labor’s scorched earth attacks.

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