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by Labor Union Report on November 9, 2011

in Union Politics and Transparency

Throwing Tantrums, Death Threats & Bodily Fluids Is Part Of The Playbook

On September 17th, when the #OccupyWallSt movement took over Zuccotti Park, one of New York’s finest summed it up when he said, “these are the protesters no one else wants–they’re the worst of worst.

Since then, however, Democrats, the Obama administration and, especially, unions have all put their support behind the #OccupyMovement depsite (as noted previously) the multiple rapes, the assaults and drug dealing, , public masturbation,  anti-American rants, and violence From almost the very beginning, unions were eager to jump on board with the Neo-Communist squatters, their anti-Semites and their useful idiots in lower Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park. Since then, unions have paid for protesters, water, food, legal fees, and advertising.

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