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by News on November 2, 2011

in Government Employee Unions, Pro Worker Legislation, State and Local, State Legislation, Union Politics and Transparency

By John Gizzi/Human Events

With Ohio voters heading to the polls November 8, pundits and pols nationwide are studying the huge political story in the Buckeye State: Whether the landmark economic and labor reforms enacted by the Republican-controlled state legislature and signed into law by GOP Gov. John Kasich earlier this year will go down in flames, victims of Big Labor’s massive money machine.

The Kasich-backed reforms include elimination of binding arbitration for state government employees, a requirement that government employees pay 15% of the premiums for their health insurance, and ending the right of state employees to strike.  With all of the measures lumped into one ballot initiative known as Issue Two, voters must vote “yes” on Two to maintain them as law and “no” on Two to take them off the books.  The most recent Quinnipiac Poll showed that, among likely voters, the “no” forces were leading by a margin of 57% to 32%.

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