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by Labor Union Report on October 23, 2011

in Federal Legislation, Union Politics and Transparency

Red State

Most observers of President Obama’s union appointees at the National Labor Relations Board know that the NLRB has earned its much-deserved criticisms due to its over-the-top advocacy for union bosses. In addition to the other anti-worker and anti-jobs rulings, the NLRB’s effort to help the Machinists’ union kill the jobs at Boeing’s South Carolina plantbecause workers decertified the union is probably the most well known example. However, another layer of just how far Obama’s union appointees will go to appease their union masters was peeled back by a recent comment made by a former member of the NLRB.

Until his term expired last year, Peter Schaumber was a member of the National Labor Relations Board. Originally appointed under President Bush, Schaumber’s term extended into the era of union control within President Obama’s NLRB. As such, he has some unique insight.

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