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Report: NLRB could block NBPA decertification

by News on October 17, 2011

in Federal Legislation

CBS Sports

There have been reports for the past month about the powerful agents of some NBPA members circling the union authority like vultures, wanting to undermine Billy Hunter and Derek Fisher and push for decertification, followed by a barrage of lawsuits against the NBA and its owners. Today NBA.com’s David Aldridge reports that a lawyer for the union doesn’t believe that the NLRB would allow the union’s decertification until after the NBPA’s complaint with the National Labor Relations Board is complete. From NBA.com:

“They would block any decertification petition,” he said.

The decert talk has cooled in recent weeks, but if union members decided they wanted to dissolve the union, they would need 30 percent of their members to sign a petition declaring they want an election to decertify. The NLRB would then hold a hearing to determine if an election was warranted. If it approved, the election would proceed, and a simple majority of union voters voting yes would decertify the union. A tie would also mean decertification, because the union would not have received a majority of votes.


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