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Why is a Secret Ballot Important?

by News on September 23, 2011

in Union Politics and Transparency

Workforce Fairness Institute

The importance of the vote was highlighted yesterday at the House Education and the Workforce Committee hearing on the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). The hearing, entitled “Culture of Union Favoritism: Recent Actions of the National Labor Relations Board,” exposed a variety of shameful decisions made by the NLRB that hurt both workers and employers.

Unionization rates, especially in the private sector, have been declining since the 1950s. Workers simply don’t want to hand over their hard-earned dollars so union bosses can spend them on lavish perks. In the face of this rejection from the workers they claim to represent, these union bosses are focused on depriving workers of their right to vote in union-organizing elections. They know that if workers can’t vote by secret ballot, they can more easily be coerced into joining a union.

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