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Workers Picket During Contract Talks at Oshkosh Corporation

by News on September 21, 2011

in Union Politics and Transparency

By Emily Matesic/

As contract negotiations between Oshkosh Truck and one of its union continues, union members took to the streets for an informational picket.

Picketers walked a line at several Oshkosh Corporation facilities in the area. They aren’t striking; they say they’re bringing attention to their contract negotiations.

The current five-year contract for members of UAW 578 expires at midnight on September 30.

There’s strength in numbers. UAW 578 members are hoping this informational picket sends that message to company officials.

“Basically it says we’re going to be heard, you can’t walk all over us, you can’t rule us with an iron fist. We’re together on this one,” union member Amanda Estrada said.

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