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The Barbarians of Issue 2

by News on September 20, 2011

in Pro Worker Legislation, State and Local, State Legislation, Union Politics and Transparency

By Rich Hoffman/American Thinker

Who exactly are these “barbarians at the gate” whom the vice president of the United States was talking about in Cincinnati, Ohio?  James Hoffa on the same day declared war against the Tea Party from the Motor City, within earshot of Ohio.  And just a few days later, President Obama came to the heart of Ohio giving a Jobs Bill speech to a crowd in Columbus, which is in the backyard of Speaker John Boehner and within earshot of Governor John Kasich, who just recently signed the infamous Senate Bill 5, now known as ISSUE 2.  The level of aggression at all these speeches seems unwarranted, unless the real reason for the anger is examined for its true worth.

When Joe Biden grabbed the hand of Speaker Boehner just before the Obama Jobs Speech of Thursday, September 8, 2011, it was the vice president who declared, “We’re at the gate, man,” as he shook the Speaker’s hand enthusiastically.  ”How you doin’ pal?”  Boehner shrugged off the comment and began to talk about his golf game.  Meanwhile, organized labor implemented their tactics of harassment in an all-out effort to defend their members from the passage of Senate Bill 5, which they consider detrimental to their entire existence due to its reforms on public-sector unions.  This public union fight is one of national implications.

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