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Idaho: Rank 4

Pension Liability - Total $12.0 billion6 - Per household $7371

Union Membership Density:

  • Total-7.1%
  • Private Sector-3.6%
  • Public Sector-21.7%

Right to Work:

Government Sector Collective Bargaining Laws:

Paycheck Protection Law:

Secret Ballot Protection: 

  • No Provision

Forced Card Check:

  • No Provision

Government Sector Binding Arbitration Provisions: 

  • None 

Public Access to Government Bargaining Sessions:

Project Labor Agreement Bans:

Government Employee Strike Policy:

Idaho Labor News

  • Idaho teacher unions see decline in membership Posted on: January 23, 2012
    Associated Press, The Washington Examiner Idaho’s new school reform laws have gutted the collective bargaining powers of teachers’ unions, and membership in some of the organizations is waning. That’s leaving some of the union locals without the simple-majority status that they must prove in order to negotiate with the district. The Students Come First laws, [...]
  • Federal judge voids two new Idaho anti-union laws Posted on: January 5, 2012
    By Betsy Z. Russell, The Spokesman-Review A federal judge has invalidated both the new anti-union laws pushed through by Idaho GOP lawmakers last session, saying they violate federal law. The two measures, SB 1007 and 1006, both expansions of Idaho’s Right-to-Work law, sought to ban “job targeting programs” that use union dues funds to subsidize [...]
  • Idaho judge upholds law curbing teachers' bargaining rights Posted on: October 3, 2011
    By Laura Zuckerman/Reuters An Idaho judge has rejected a bid by the state teachers union to overturn a new law curtailing the collective bargaining rights of public school teachers. Idaho District Judge Timothy Hansen, in a ruling applauded by Idaho’s Republican leaders, rebuffed claims by the Idaho Education Association that the new law violated the [...]
  • Judge blocks new Idaho anti-union law Posted on: July 6, 2011
    By John Miller/ A federal judge has blocked a new state law that sought to strip labor unions of power, ruling the measure passed this year during a flurry of anti-union zeal in the Idaho Legislature likely conflicts with federal law. The law passed with heavy Republican support during the 2011 session, despite an opinion from [...]
  • Idaho Petition Drive One of Many Challenges to New Bargaining Laws Posted on: May 3, 2011
    By Sean Cavanaugh/Education Week An Idaho teachers’ union has launched a statewide petition drive to try to overturn a package of controversial new education laws approved by the state’s Republican governor and lawmakers this year. That effort is just the latest in a series of legal and political challenges to laws pushed through statehouses that [...]

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