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by News on January 3, 2012

in State and Local, Union Politics and Transparency

By John Crudele, New York Post

Dear John: I am writing on behalf of my fiancee. She worked over 20 years for Beth Israel Hospital in Manhattan and she was in a union — Local 1199. She has multiple sclerosis and is receiving Social Security disability benefits along with her pension.

For the past four months, she has not received her pension. This has caused her great hardship, like car-insurance lapses, not being able to pay her car loans and having her car repossessed.

I was wondering if you could be of any help. M.P.

Dear M.P.: I spoke with Beth Israel about your fiancee’s situation.

It appears that she was a nurse, belong to the union and left in 2002.

The hospital says your fiancee’s pension is the responsibility of the union. A spokesperson for the hospital called the union, and the matter is being looked into. I also called and gave you the name of the union contact you should be dealing with.

Hope it all works out.

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