Union Chief Leo Gerard: ‘Resistance Movement’ Needed to Seize Bridges, Banks in Case OWS Fails

by News on November 4, 2011

in Union Politics and Transparency

By Jack Coleman/Newsbusters.com

United Steelworkers international president Leo Gerard has a message to the flea party whiny-whiners still camping out instead of sleeping in their parents’ basements — playtime is over.

Just in case the Occupy movement fails — in other words, when it fails — Gerard is urging union members to fill that gaping void with “more militancy.” (audio clips after page break)

Here’s a clip of Gerard making a pitch for this on Ed Schultz’s radio show Monday and actually making Schultz sound reasonable by comparison (audio) –

GERARD: You’re damn right Wall Street occupiers speak for us. They do in Pittsburgh, they do in Chicago, they do in Oakland, they do in San Francisco, they do all across the country. And I think what we need is, we need more militancy.

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