PA lawmakers revive efforts to close union stalking loophole

By Andrew Staub, PA Independent

A federal jury convicted a once prominent Philadelphia union official of arson, racketeering conspiracy and extortion this week, providing more fuel for lawmakers who want to close a loophole protecting individuals from prosecution of some crimes if they’re part of a labor dispute.

Parent-Trigger Bullies

The Wall Street Journal

Perhaps antitrust laws ought to apply to the public school monopoly. Consider how a local school board and teachers union in California are ganging up to thwart Latino parents from taking control of a failing school.


Union Exemptions from Criminal Law Must End

In 2012, a U.S. Chamber of Commerce report compiled a list of states that grant labor unions exemptions from criminal laws such as stalking, trespassing, and issuing threats. Unfortunately, in the subsequent years, the states in question have not been able to close the loopholes.