Ruling may curb unruly union acts

By Glenn Spencer, Las Vegas Review-Journal

A recent decision by a federal court in Nevada highlights a significant problem facing the Las Vegas economy, one that threatens the livelihoods of many workers. The issue in question is unions seeking to drive business away from employers they dislike. Unfortunately, this has sometimes driven business opportunities right out of the state.

First Blood On VW’s Floor

By Roy Exum,

Volkswagen officials were scheduled to meet with state lawmakers in Nashville today about a $178 million incentive package to expand the Chattanooga assembly plant but apparently there is already “blood on the floor” at the Chattanooga Assembly plant.

Will the teachers unions ever learn?

By Armstrong Williams, The Washington Times

In November the frustrations of Maryland’s voters with their state’s failed Democrat leadership finally boiled over and provided Larry Hogan an upset victory over the Democrats’ chosen candidate, Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown.