Ruling may curb unruly union acts

By Glenn Spencer, Las Vegas Review-Journal

A recent decision by a federal court in Nevada highlights a significant problem facing the Las Vegas economy, one that threatens the livelihoods of many workers. The issue in question is unions seeking to drive business away from employers they dislike. Unfortunately, this has sometimes driven business opportunities right out of the state.

Worker centers serve big labor, not employees

By Richard Berman, Nation’s Restaurant News

With all the protests by labor activists over the minimum wage and pay at retailers and restaurants this year, chances are you have become familiar with so-called worker centers. Unlike labor unions, these new models of labor activism don’t have regulations on length of picketing or filing spending reports.

Union Interests Work Against Low-Wage Workers

By Diana Furchtgott-Roth,

A few days after the latest round of fast food demonstrations, when the Service Employees International Union tried to get workers all over the country to go out on strike to demand $15 an hour, a newly published National Bureau of Economic Research paper confirms what most of us already know: minimum wage increases harm the earnings and job mobility of low-skill workers.