The AFT’s communist comrades

By Paul Kengor,

The American Federation of Teachers, the massive teachers union, just completed its annual convention in Los Angeles. If you didn’t notice, that’s not surprising, given it wasn’t front-page news. I, however, noticed, given that the convention was covered vigorously in a publication I read regularly: People’s World.

Government Unions Play Fast & Loose with the Law

By Bob Dick, Commonwealth Foundation

They’re exempt from stalking and harassment laws during labor disputes, and they’re allowed to use taxpayer resources to collect money for candidates and political ads on a daily basis. But if you thought these special legal privileges would be enough for government union executives, you’d be wrong.


Maryland Unions Asks Politicians for Donations

Hollywood is currently reviving Star Wars, a classic 1970s series. Perhaps they should revive another 1970s series, The Godfather, with a fourth film centered on Maryland unions’ shakedown of local candidates for office: In 2006 and 2010, the Montgomery County Education Association (MCEA) asked candidates for the state legislature and county council for donations of $6,000 each, the maximum amount for donations in Maryland.

Teachers Union: We’re Disconnected From Our Members

By Mike Antonucci, Hot Air

In the wake of persistent membership losses, the National Education Association began a review of its organizational structure in an effort to improve efficiency and cut costs. Part of the project included a survey of NEA’s board of directors, state affiliate officers, Representative Assembly delegates and rank-and-file members.

Doing Big Labor’s dirty work

By Rick Berman, The Washington Times

On Wednesday, several dozen unionized workers assembled at the World War II Memorial in an effort to share the stage with many of our nation’s veterans.