New York City Workers Block Big Dues Increase

By Nate Franco and Anthony Lackhan, Labor Notes

New York City’s clerical and administrative workers in AFSCME Local 1549 have been asked to make an unfair sacrifice. Their local officers tried to push through a big dues increase without convincing justification.

UAW bosses’ use of dues money causes concern

By Brian Pannebecker,

Michigan is the birthplace of the United Auto Workers union which once boasted over 1.5 million members, but now has fewer than 400,000 and finds itself at a crossroads. The road it takes going forward may determine its future as well as that of the remaining UAW-represented jobs.

Not Paying Union Dues, in Michigan

By Jillian Kay Melchior, National Review Online

Two Michigan teachers will finally be allowed to end their union membership in the Michigan Education Association and will be refunded any dues they paid during this school year, according to a settlement agreement signed this week.