What the NLRB’s McDonald’s Decision Got Wrong

By David Sherwyn, On Labor

Last week, Professor Fisk, citing facts and analyzing law, made a number of thoughtful and interesting assertions concerning the decision by the NLRB General Counsel to declare McDonald’s a joint employer in a number of unfair labor practice cases filed by employees who work at restaurants owned by franchisees.

‘Unionism’ Should Not be a Title VII Protected Class

By Jon Hyman, Workforce

Way back in 2012, the New York Times published an op-ed titled, A Civil Right to Unionize, which argued that Title VII needs to be amended to include “the right to unionize” as a protected civil right. At the time, I argued that including “unionism” as a protected class was the worst idea ever. Apparently, at least one Congressman disagrees with me.

Walmart: Victim Of A Partisan National Labor Relations Board

By Peter Schaumber, Forbes

Walmart is a company that Big Labor and its allies love to hate. Despite a coordinated media campaign vilifying the company and “hit and run” walk-outs aimed at disrupting operations, Walmart’s 1.3 million employees remain largely beyond Labor’s reach. The projected “nationwide” walk-outs of “thousands of employees” have fizzled.

Teachers union sues Jefferson Parish School Board in contract dispute

By Paul Purpura, NOLA.com

The Jefferson Federation of Teachers said Tuesday it is suing the School Board over contract disputes with teachers. The union and 12 teachers allege that the School Board breached individual employment contracts by failing to maintain the teachers’ level of benefits and planning time.