Give the money back, Mayor de Blasio

New York Post

Maybe Mayor de Blasio’s spokesman is right: There’s “zero” connection between the sweetheart deal the teachers union won from the city and $350,000 its parent union donated to Mayor Bill’s Super PAC.

Unionization of tax dollars

By Don Pecsi,

Two days before July 4, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy was basking in the glow of his endorsement by the Service Employees International Union (SEIU). When you want a service in the private marketplace, you buy it.

The would-be governors and the union loophole

By Scot Lehigh, The Boston Globe

IN THE wake of the dark money dumped into last year’s Boston mayoral race, state lawmakers are working on an overhaul of campaign finance laws to require that super PACs disclose their donors as well as their spending in a timely way.

Why I left teaching: union politics

By Bill Frye, Pittsburgh Post Gazette
I taught science full-time for more than two decades and enjoyed a rewarding career educating a generation of public school students in Westmoreland County. I retired from teaching earlier than I wanted, and I’d like to tell you why.

The fall of teachers unions

By Stephanie Simon, Politico Pro

As the two big national teachers unions prepare for their conventions this summer, they are struggling to navigate one of the most tumultuous moments in their history.

Wage gap rumblings confront UAW

By David Barkholz, Automotive News

Discontent over low Tier 2 wages kept bubbling up at last week’s UAW Constitutional Convention here, despite leadership’s efforts to focus debate on organizing transplants, social justice and upcoming national political campaigns.