LA City Council: The Best Council Money Stolen by Unions Can Buy

By Stephen Frank, California Capitol Review

Watch the campaign finance reports for LA City Council—or the city council in your town. You will find most if not all council members took money from a union. In cities like LA, the unions provide ”volunteers” to make calls and walk the precincts. They provide workers for HQ’s and if they are upset with you, smear the hell out of you.

Reconnecting labor spending with members’ interests

By Richard Berman, The Washington Times

The Laborers Union is bucking orthodoxy and a temporary AFL-CIO spending moratorium. They are steering the majority of their political contributions to candidates based not on their party affiliations, but on their positions that matter to union members.

GOP group’s super PAC mostly funded by unions

By Sean Higgins, The Washington Examiner

Almost all of the money donated to the campaign super PAC of the Republican Main Street Partnership, a group dedicated to supporting moderate GOP members, came from organized labor sources in the last election cycle, Federal Election Commission records show.