Should government stop collecting union dues?

The Morning Call

Pennsylvania lawmakers are considering “paycheck protection” legislation to prohibit government agencies from collecting dues on behalf of unions. Supporters say taxpayer resources shouldn’t be used to help unions fund political activity; opponents say it’s meant to weaken unions.

Rep. Mike Honda opens office inside union headquarters

By Carla Marinucci, SF Gate

Democratic Rep. Mike Honda, engaged in a contentious fight for re-election in a Silicon Valley House race, has made the unusual move of locating his 2014 campaign office inside the headquarters of a major South Bay labor organization – the Service Employees International Union Local 521.

Labor’s rhetoric vs. reality

By Richard Berman, The Detroit News

Last week’s Supreme Court decision in McCutcheon v. FEC struck down federal limits on the total amount individuals can contribute to combinations of federal candidates and parties during a two-year election cycle.

Unions exempt from Albany disclosure reforms

By Chris Bragg, Crain’s New York Business

The state budget agreement passed late Monday evening in Albany requires more disclosure of the outside election spending that has skyrocketed following the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United decision. But not all outside groups will have to disclose equally.

UAW bosses’ use of dues money causes concern

By Brian Pannebecker,

Michigan is the birthplace of the United Auto Workers union which once boasted over 1.5 million members, but now has fewer than 400,000 and finds itself at a crossroads. The road it takes going forward may determine its future as well as that of the remaining UAW-represented jobs.

Union Members for Paycheck Protection

By Matthew Brouillette, National Review Online

Government unions aren’t about fighting for public employees and workers any more — they’ve become political operations with agendas that harm both their members and taxpayers. Americans, and even union members themselves, increasingly realize that public-sector unions often do not serve the public interest.

Democratic hopefuls kowtow to SEIU

By Scot Lehigh, The Boston Globe

TRUE TO her transparency pledge, Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Juliette Kayyem has been posting the campaign questionnaires she completes on her website. Reading through them, I found myself curious on one of the matters the Service Employees International Union asked about: The competition-stifling Pacheco law, or as it is hilariously titled, “The Taxpayer Protection Act.”