High-Ranking UAW Boss: Right to Work ‘Helps’ Unions

By Stan Greer, National Right to Work Committee

The fundamental aim of Right to Work laws is to protect the freedom of the individual employee, and not either to hurt or to help union officials. But whatever they say publicly about Right to Work, union bosses know that, in exchange for losing the privilege of forcing reluctant employees to fork over union dues or fees, they start out on a better foot with employees in general.

Where’s Our $40 Million?

By Jack Humphreville, citywatchla.com

IBEW Union Boss d’Arcy is planning a massive demonstration at 11 a.m. on Tuesday in front of DWP’s downtown headquarters to protest City’s Hall’s “assault on collective bargaining” and “war on workers” and is urging other unions throughout the City to support his call to arms.


UAW Hikes Union Dues 25 percent

On Monday June 2, the UAW’s four-day constitutional convention commenced. And coming out of the convention is a really unpopular decision to increase union dues payments on union membership.