Teamsters plan moves to cut retiree benefits

By Nick Thornton, benefits pro

Trustees of the financially-strapped Teamsters Central States multiemployer pension fund have told union leaders they plan to rely on the Multiemployer Pension Reform Act of 2014 to make cuts to existing retiree pensions.

Our Undemocratic Teachers’ Unions

By James Paul, National Review Online

Is American democracy under assault? That’s a question often asked when businesses exert political influence, unelected bureaucrats misuse power, or reporters engage in slanted storytelling. It’s time to add public-school unions to the list: These undemocratic interest groups dominate America’s urban education system to the detriment of students across the nation.

Where Have All Our Wages Gone?

By Megan McArdle, Bloomberg View

Many theories have been advanced for why unions, and median wages, aren’t growing very fast. Some say there’s a causal link, which runs something like this: The Reagan administration gutted union protections, making it harder to organize workers. Without a powerful union to represent them, workers were at the mercy of greedy bosses who ruthlessly forced down their wage packets.