Teachers Take Union Dues to Supreme Court

By Allie Bidwell, US News & World Report

A group of public schoolteachers on Monday petitioned the Supreme Court to hear a challenge to laws allowing teachers unions to require dues from nonmembers who disagree with union positions and policies.

Parent-Trigger Bullies

The Wall Street Journal

Perhaps antitrust laws ought to apply to the public school monopoly. Consider how a local school board and teachers union in California are ganging up to thwart Latino parents from taking control of a failing school.

The Pension Sink Is Gulping Billions in Tax Raises

By Steve Malanga, The Wall Street Journal

California Gov. Jerry Brown sold a $6 billion tax increase to voters in 2012 by promising that nearly half of the money would go to bolster public schools. Critics argued that much of the new revenue would wind up in California’s severely underfunded teacher pension system. They were right.