De Blasio’s troubling relationship with teachers unions

By Michael Goodwin, New York Post

For a very long time, teachers unions were the most fearsome opponents of mayoral control of New York City schools. They claimed for years that putting a mayor in charge would pollute education with politics, a fig leaf because union control of the old Board of Education was itself a creation of politics.

Union policies hard to defend under Prop 104 negotiation sunshine

By Greg Bratton, The Complete Colorado

People and groups with nothing to hide have little to fear with more sunlight on their actions and beliefs. Colorado teachers unions did not support the successful transparency initiative on last year’s ballot. A look at several collective bargaining contracts throughout the state makes this absence of enthusiasm quite understandable.

Teachers vs. Union Dues

The Wall Street Journal

Teachers unions are the biggest political spenders in California, in part because teachers know they must ante up to receive substantial employment benefits.