Labor’s Minimum Wage Mayhem

By Sean Redmond, U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Labor unions and their worker center allies have garnered a fair amount of attention in recent months, with made-for-media protests against large retailers and fast food companies in a quest for inflated wages and benefits.

How businesses will respond to $15 minimum wage

By Michael Saltsman, The Seattle Times

THE scene on June 2 at City Hall was exuberant, as Seattle’s nine councilmembers voted unanimously to raise the city’s minimum wage to $15 an hour — the highest in the nation — over the next seven years. Outside the city limits, however, reactions have been more muted.

A Union Ruse to Organize Mom-and-Pop Stores

By Steve Caldeira, The Wall Street Journal

City councils across America are considering raising the minimum wage. But the fine print in many of their proposals, including one recently signed into law in Seattle, has a provision that increases the wage floor faster for certain small businesses simply because they’re affiliated with national chains.