New federal rules will disrupt care for disabled Kansans, state officials say

By Dave Ranney,

A state official charged with overseeing Medicaid-funded services that help people with disabilities live in community-based settings rather than in nursing homes said Tuesday that coming changes in federal wage and hour rules are likely to increase costs, reduce access to care and give beneficiaries less say in deciding who will provide their care.

Sen. Thune Introduces Bill to Combat Union Corruption

By Carl Horowitz, National Legal & Policy Center

If sunshine is the best antidote to corruption, then Senator John Thune, R-S.D., must be opening a lot of windows. Last Wednesday, July 30, Sen. Thune unveiled the Union Transparency and Accountability Act (S. 2688), a measure that would require greater transparency in the information labor organizations report to the Department of Labor.

Financial Transparency Critical to Combatting Union Corruption

By Senator John Thune, Black Hills Pioneer

From political targeting at the Internal Revenue Service to secret wait lists and delayed care at the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Obama presidency has been riddled with crises of misinformation and mismanagement at the highest levels of the administration. Despite these missteps, the president and White House continue to hail this administration as the “most transparent” in history.

The President Goes to Overtime

The Wall Street Journal

The real economy continues to muddle along in year six of the Obama presidency, so the emerging White House strategy is to describe for voters a fantasy economy of surging incomes and prosperity.

President Obama Wants Better Overtime Regulation

By Brian Feldman, The Wire

President Obama is expected later this week to direct the Department of Labor to restructure its regulations governing overtime pay. The changes would require companies to offer overtime to positions like fast food managers and computer technicians—positions that are normally classified as “executive or professional” in order to avoid paying for overtime.