By John Cess,

Helping a student work through a math problem and seeing the process finally click for the first time is an incredible adrenaline rush. It’s why I do my job. I’ve taught math, social studies, and special education in Lawrence County’s Ellwood City School District for five years now.

Why I left teaching: union politics

By Bill Frye, Pittsburgh Post Gazette
I taught science full-time for more than two decades and enjoyed a rewarding career educating a generation of public school students in Westmoreland County. I retired from teaching earlier than I wanted, and I’d like to tell you why.

Different rules for unions

By Matthew J. Brouillette,

Pennsylvania’s government union executives should be at the top of any list of political power players in Harrisburg. With the kind of influence that millions in campaign contributions and political ads can buy, shouldn’t they follow the same lobbying laws as other political organizations?